A Broken Finger not a Broken Spirit :)

If you have problem with sensitive images such as; blood, swollen, post operation, stitches… u better skip this post (i’ve warned you) this story is about how i survived from my broken finger. I think my journey in 2016 has just begin when this accident happened. One fine Sunday Morning, January 17th 2016 as always […]

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How To Feel Happy, when you aren’t happy ?

Have you ever find your self in the situation; “okay.. im not happy and i have to entertain these people. and no other choice i have to able because i need to get money and paid the bills ” yes i’ve been there. a situation of weekend show, i was all alone trapped in this […]

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My Backstage’s Tips

OH NO another show for today ! i used to jumped out of my bed and feel the excitement yet nervousness at the same time ! I always love to handling a show, for me its amazing to meet new people, learn something new and for sure create happiness for others.  This picture was taken […]

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It takes 5 years to understand this story …

On January 28th 2016 i was being a Master of Ceremony for “Yves Saint Laurent Beaute – Rouge Pur Couture Press Event ” at La Moda Plaza Indonesia, This is the collaboration between Glow Living Beauty and Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. This event had planned since 2015, PT Loreal Indo was contacting me personally and as […]

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Most Important Persons in My Life; A Mother yet Father & A Sister

Before we go further… maybe the question in your mind will be : A Mother yet Father? Yes, i was born in divorced parents. Where should i started ? so far people were questioning me : since when ? when i was 2 y/0 maybe in 1993 How can that happened ? Umph.. i think […]

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My Casual Daily

A Hello From Kanty Widjaja

Hello, welcome to my website ! This is my first Posting on my website.. whofff. i’m really thinking hardly what should i write and forget about to try “impressing you” through my news you will feel like chatting personally with me, my casual language and if i made wrong grammar or stuff hahahah please forgive […]

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